Mind Takes Flight


Print Reproductions available as one piece or two piece canvases (left and right)

"Mind Takes Flight" is an artistic depiction of Roger Sperry’s Split Brain Theory of Lateralization. The use of a butterfly resembles nature’s innate way of creating symmetry in all life forms. The wings, being separated by two canvases, further emphasizes the idea of lateral symmetry, thus leading to the point of a left and right brain hemisphere. The patterns in each wing portrays the typical traits known to a ‘left or right brained’ individual. The left wing is filled with numbers, formulas and languages. The right wing shows creativity and imagination. The lightbulbs at the end of each antennae is meant to show the two halves working together to create an idea. Thus showing that although the left and right brain have their own tendencies, the use of both hemispheres working together is what utilizes their capabilities to the utmost potential. This piece was entered into a college competition and won popular vote by students and faculty at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where it is now displayed in the Psychology Department.   


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