Fresh....Lively....Energetic....can accurately describe how one would feel if they were to dive into the blue waters of Shanthi's acrylic paintings. Living at the beach in North Carolina has inspired her creativity in painting and writing. Coastal seascapes and exotic sea life dominate the theme of her art. Shanthi plays on the movement of the subject with her use of color and painting technique to create a work of art that stirs up an exhilarating feeling within. ''I prefer painting subjects that emit some sort of energy, like that of a crashing wave...''  Shanthi’s artwork decorates residential homes, business offices, university buildings and museums. Her growing collection of paintings are available as print reproductions on various substrates such as canvas, paper and metal.

Shanthi's love for the ocean coupled with a love for her cats, spawned a children's book series called The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias. She completed the first book in 2011 after she graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Shanthi leisurely painted and wrote The Doll Cat series at the same time she used her business degree working for a print reproduction company for the next six years. Now she focuses full time on her business, Into the Blue Art, where she sells her paintings as wall art reproductions along with her children's books as print and ebook versions.