The Doll Cat

Written and illustrated by Shanthi Thiruppathi, The Doll Cat is a story inspired by a one of a kind cat named Chloe. As a cat lover, Shanthi knows that each cat has their own personality but Chloe’s is particularly unique. Shanthi always finds herself saying, “You are such a doll!” in response to the cute things that Chloe does. Many others who witness Chloe’s unique behavior compare her to a doll.

This led Shanthi to realize that Chloe was storybook inspiration. The Doll Cat highlights several of Chloe’s doll-like habits through a sweet story about a girl named Fiona who wants a doll, but instead finds a cat who is the most precious doll of all. The Doll Cat Goes To Paris is an adventurous sequel where the Doll Cat gets lost during a trip to Paris and must find her way back to Fiona.