The Doll Cat Goes To Paris

By shanthi thiruppathi


Sequel to The Doll Cat    32 pages    8.5x11

Hardcover     Kindle      iBook 

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SUMMARY:  When an opportunity to go to Paris arises, Fiona and the Doll Cat pack their bags for the trip of a lifetime. The two tourists indulge in the many flavors of the city. The scrumptious pastries, the glamorous boutiques and the vast historical landmarks exceed their expectations. They can’t open their eyes wide enough to take in all of the sights. If they blink, they might miss something special. Fiona and the Doll Cat connect with the essence of Paris when they attend a high fashion event that sends them on an unexpected adventure through the City of Lights.

Author and illustrator, Shanthi Thiruppathi, was inspired to create a book series about her rescue tortie cat, Chloe. She was one of four kittens rescued when the mother cat was absent. Chloe was found in a weak and fragile state. She was bottle fed back to health and when she was strong enough, a very unique personality came through. Shanthi always found herself saying, “You are such a doll,” in response to Chloe's doll-like habits. When Shanthi observed that everyone who witnessed Chloe’s behavior compared her to a doll, she realized that Chloe was storybook material.

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