Children's Books / HARDCOVER / SIGNED BY AUTHOR / The Doll Cat

By shanthi thiruppathi


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Prequel to The Doll Cat Goes To Paris     Hardcover   32 pages     8.5x11    

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SUMMARY:  Fiona would soon be nine years old and she knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday. Each time she passed by the toy store window, she dreamt of calling it her own. She had never seen a more beautiful doll. It had glossy, blue eyes and porcelain skin. The doll wore a floral patterned dress and a delicate pair of shoes. It was her dream doll. Or so she thought…

Author and illustrator, Shanthi Thiruppathi, was inspired to create a book series about her rescue tortie cat, Chloe. She was one of four kittens rescued when the mother cat was absent. Chloe was found in a weak and fragile state. She was bottle fed back to health and when she was strong enough, a very unique personality came through. Shanthi always found herself saying, “You are such a doll,” in response to Chloe's doll-like habits. When Shanthi observed that everyone who witnessed Chloe’s behavior compared her to a doll, she realized that Chloe was storybook material.