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Shanthi Thiruppathi is the author and illustrator of The Doll Cat book series and The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias book series. She draws her inspiration from the real-life stars of the books, her cats. The Doll Cat books tell a story of a young girl named Fiona and her Doll Cat.

The Doll Cat   Fiona would soon be nine years old and she knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday. Each time she passed by the toy store window, she dreamt of calling it her own. She had never seen a more beautiful doll. It had glossy, blue eyes and porcelain skin. The doll wore a floral patterned dress and a delicate pair of shoes. It was her dream doll. Or so she thought…

The Doll Cat Goes To Paris    When an opportunity to go to Paris arises, Fiona and the Doll Cat pack their bags for the trip of a lifetime. The two tourists indulge in the many flavors of the city. The scrumptious pastries, the glamorous boutiques and the vast historical landmarks exceed their expectations. They can’t open their eyes wide enough to take in all of the sights. If they blink, they might miss something special. Fiona and the Doll Cat connect with the essence of Paris when they attend a high fashion event that sends them on an unexpected adventure through the City of Lights.

Upcoming books are titled, The Doll Cat Goes to Hollywood, The Doll Cat Visits London and The Doll Cat Takes A Cruise


The Doll Cat books are inspired by a cat named Chloe. As a cat owner, Shanthi knows every cat has their own personality but Chloe’s is particularly unique. Shanthi always finds herself saying, “You are such a doll,” in response to all the cute things Chloe does. Everyone who witnesses Chloe’s unique behavior compares her to a doll. This led Shanthi to realize that Chloe was storybook material. the doll cat tea party The Doll Cat highlights several of Chloe’s doll-like habits in a sweet story. Chloe was part of a litter of kittens rescued by Shanthi’s family in 2009. Now Chloe inspires us to give other cats a home. A portion of proceeds from book sales will go toward funding a cat rescue center that will aid in adoptions and provide shelter for strays.



These books engage a wide range of ages. Four to six year olds are captivated by vibrant, expressionistic illustrations that support the story’s plot with each turn of the page. The reading level (7 years +) challenges young readers, allowing kids to grow with the book by coming back to the book time and again to learn how to read it successfully. This commitment leaves the child with a true appreciation for how they have excelled and grown through their relationship with the book. The underlying message of the story is also deep in meaning, which opens up opportunity for reflection and conversation.