The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias: Treasure Hatcher

The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias: Treasure Hatcher


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Volume 3/9

collection of books presenting the nine moral values known as the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Book Series written and illustrated by Shanthi Thiruppathi

Book Summary: Each morning wave that rolls onto shore sprinkles the sandy coast with tiny treasures. As avid sea glass and shell collectors, Tiggy and Tobias are quick to spot the delicate shells and frosty, smooth gems shaped by the sea. But what they find one particular morning are sandy tracks left behind by a rare shell-backed creature. By following the tracks they discover a sea turtle nest. Tiggy and Tobias take on the task as nest sitters to protect the eggs until hatching. They soon find their duty must go far beyond simply nest sitting. To make sure the hatchlings make it to sea, Tiggy and Tobias must become the turtles’ true guardians.

Cover: Hardback       Page Count22       Size9 x 12       Volume: 1 / 9   Special Features: Books are signed by the author and the cat’s real paw prints are inside each book!

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