The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias: Neon Jiggles

The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias: Neon Jiggles


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Volume 2/9

A collection of books presenting the nine moral values known as the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Book Series written and illustrated by Shanthi Thiruppathi

Book Summary: Every sea-cat knows that after a hurricane has passed, the sea lays still in tranquility and beckons to explorers. Beneath the stirred up sands and exhausted waves, treasures are waiting to be found. Tiggy and Tobias get geared up for a day of snorkeling. Anxious for the many sea trinkets they might find, they are unaware of what is lurking in the waters.  Little do they know, they are about to encounter a mysterious creature and embark on a journey to a deep dark place they thought could only be visited in their imagination.

Cover: Hardback       Page Count22       Size9 x 12       Volume: 1 / 9   Special Features: Books are signed by the author and the cat’s real paw prints are inside each book!

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