Painting Gallery

  • Make A Big Splash

    "Make A Big Splash,''  an acrylic painting of sand, surf and seabirds.  A group of sandpipers shower in sun-kissed water droplets that rain down upon them from a crashing wave. Original painting displayed in the 2017 NC Art of the State exhibit.
  • baby sea turtles

    Sea Turtle’s Beginning


    Sea Turtle's Beginning is part of the Swimming Sea Gems Collection of turtle paintings by Shanthi. This acrylic painting shows a baby sea turtle swimming out to sea for the first time. And this turtle has her own story.  This wall art is the perfect choice for decorating beach homes!

  • wave art

    Salty Curl


    Salty Curl is an acrylic painting depicting an up close view of a crashing wave. This lively wave gives off an energy that will make you feel part of its own special moment when it merges with the sea. Liven up any wall space with this popular piece of wall art. Perfect to decorate coastal themed homes.

  • paintings of sandpipers

    Sterlings Searching

    Sterlings Searching is an acrylic painting of two sterlings searching for sand fleas and horseshoe crabs. The calm surf behind them allows them to focus more on digging than running away from the crashing waves. The perfect painting to complete your coastal decor.  

  • sunrise wall art beach home

    Morning’s Echo

    Morning's Echo is an acrylic painting of a calm sea in the early morning. The cool colored sky echoes on the calm water below. Liven up your decor with this coastal themed wall art.  
  • sea turtle decor

    Chromatic Coral Dweller

    Chromatic Coral Dweller is part of the Swimming Sea Gems Collection of sea turtle paintings by Shanthi. This colorful creature is 'caught on canvas' hanging around the coral reefs. Her purple and pink shell exterior brilliantly stands out from the warm backdrop of golden corals. This royal sea turtle is a sight to see!  
  • wave painting

    Grand Uprising

    Grand Uprising is an acrylic painting of a powerful and majestic wave. It demands attention and pulls viewers to gaze at its tall ever growing stature. This work of art is the focal point of any room.
  • sea turtle art

    Treasure Hatcher

    Treasure Hatcher is part of the Swimming Sea Gems Collection of sea turtle paintings by Shanthi. However, this gem is not swimming. She has nestled in the sand to lay her eggs. Imagine the beautiful mosaic of colors her little hatchlings will be. This painting is a highly suitable wall art for coastal decor.  
  • sea oats painting

    Whispering Sea Oats

    Whispering Sea Oats is an acrylic painting of golden sea oats standing tall in the dunes. Their sunlight kissed strands sway effortlessly in the wind. A pleasant and warm piece of art to cozy up your room. The perfect beach painting for coastal decor.  
  • octopus art

    Octingo’s Sea Parade

    Octingo's Sea Parade is an acrylic painting of Octingo the octopus parading along the bottom of the sea. A colorful coral scene where the fish join him in his musical debut. Feel the rhythm of the reef!  Liven up your room with this whimsical work of art. A fun beach painting for bathroom decor or any coastal themed room.  
  • jellyfish art

    Neon Jiggles

    Neon Jiggles is an acrylic painting of a jellyfish hanging out in the calm undersea currents. Viewers feel uplifted when gazing at this fun, eccentric painting. This piece is fitting beach art for decorating coastal homes.  
  • bermuda

    Bermuda’s Brilliance

    Bermuda's Brilliance is an acrylic painting of a seascape in Bermuda. This impressionist style painting will turn up the tropical heat in any room that displays it.  A museum quality print that will liven up your decor!
  • mermaid wall art

    Muse of the Deep

    Muse of the Deep is an acrylic painting of a mysterious mermaid who inspires sailors with her beautiful voice. She longs to escape her blue abyss and walk the dry land. A stunning mermaid painting for decorating beach homes.

  • Clear Water

    Clear Water is an acrylic painting of a tropical beach scene. You can almost feel the cool, smooth water and the soft sand underneath your feet. This piece is perfect for decorating a beach themed home.
  • seahorse painting

    Jewels of Serenity

    Jewels of Serenity is an acrylic painting of a romantic seahorse. This delicate, jewel of the sea stays in her seahorse solitude dreaming of the day she will lock tails with her other half. This piece will inspire feelings of patient love when gazing at this little yellow beauty. A perfect beach painting for coastal decor.    
  • stingray painting

    Sleek Slider


    Sleek Slider is an acrylic painting of a sting ray gliding elegantly beneath the water's surface. He swims so indiscreetly, you would never know he is there. His lime-green sea wings cut through the smooth waves with grace and glamour.  This piece is a stunning beach painting for coastal themed decor.

  • sea turtle paintings

    Diving Sea Diamonds

    Diving Sea Diamonds is part of the Swimming Sea Gems Collection of sea turtle paintings by Shanthi. Sea turtles are the 'gems' of the sea. This sea turtle remembers her first journey to these waters. She lets the ocean currents carry her, forces pull her and senses guide her to the beach she was meant to return to. Sea turtles travel across the ocean to lay their eggs at the same beach where they were born years earlier. Celebrate the beauty of nature with this whimsical piece of artwork.
  • sunrise prints

    Sunlight’s Realm


    Sunlight's Realm is an acrylic painting of a sunrise lighting up the water and sky with colors that calm the soul. Hang this serene sight on any wall to induce peaceful feelings. This beach painting is the ultimate wall art for a coastal themed home.

  • corns snake wall art

    A Snake Called Ziggy

    A Snake Called Ziggy is an acrylic painting of a corn snake. Minding his own business, Ziggy slithers about quietly in a curious manner.
  • butterfly art

    Mind Takes Flight


    Mind Takes Flight is an artistic depiction of Roger Sperry's Split Brain Theory of Lateralization.  The use of a butterfly resembles nature’s innate way of creating symmetry in all life forms. The wings, being separated by two canvases, further emphasizes the idea of lateral symmetry, thus leading to the point of a left and right brain hemisphere. The patterns in each wing portrays the typical traits known to a ‘left or right brained’ individual. The left wing is filled with numbers, formulas and languages. The right wing shows creativity and imagination. The lightbulbs at the end of each antennae is meant to show the two halves working together to create an idea. Thus showing that although the left and right brain have their own tendencies, the use of both hemispheres working together is what utilizes their capabilities to the utmost potential. This piece was entered into a college competition and won popular vote by students and faculty at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where it is now displayed in the Psychology Department. 

  • beautiful sunrise painting for beach decor

    Sandpiper Ballet

    Sandpiper Ballet is an acrylic painting of sandpipers performing their morning ballet during twilight hours.  They dance with the waves in a quick-step ballet, careful not to let the water touch their little feet. A beautiful sunrise painting suitable for beach decor.
  • penguin wall art

    Breaking the Ice

    Breaking the Ice is an acrylic painting of emperor penguins standing on an ice cap playing and sliding on their slippery feet. The cuteness of these arctic creatures will warm up any room!

  • sea turtle hatching

    Follow the Sea

    Follow the Sea is an acrylic painting of a baby sea turtle that just hatched and is ready to make his way to the sea. For the first time, he will feel the water on his flippers as he bravely enters the unknown towards his destiny.
  • coastal decor

    Cabin by the Sea

    Cabin by the Sea is an acrylic painting of a coastal cabin and its breathtaking surrounding. This piece intrigues viewers with a feathery sky and colorful landscape. The perfect wall art for a coastal themed decor.  
  • dolphin painting for coastal homes

    Sea Prancers

    Sea Prancers is an acrylic painting of the sea's most graceful creatures. Prancing among the waves, these two dolphins are showing off their spontaneous, natural beauty. This wall art is the focal piece of any coastal themed room.

  • mermaid art

    Dream of the Deep

    Dream of the Deep is an acrylic painting of a beautiful mermaid sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor. She gazes into the deep blue and dreams about venturing above the waters to a place where humans walk and dance.