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Into the Blue art has made a name for itself in the coastal art community and continues to grow in popularity among art collectors. The young artist has developed her skill in such as way that each painting has more than just her signature to identify it as a ‘Shanthi.’  Her entire body of work shares a common theme, style and feel.

“I lean towards painting subjects that emit some sort of energy. I don’t prefer painting still subjects. I favor living creatures or movement in nature. A crashing wave is full of life and that is something I desire to capture in my own style.”

You can order print reproductions of Shanthi’s art in a variety of sizes and print mediums; canvas, fine-art paper or metal.  Shanthi embellishes each canvas print reproduction to enhance the look of each print. Embellishing is painting on top of the canvas print to give it texture thus making it look more like her original.

Shanthi is shown in the photo to the right with her newest piece, ‘Make A Big Splash,’ which she painted for the 2017 NC Art of the State exhibit at the Cameron Art Museum. It will be displayed there until July 8th, 2018. The museum also carries Shanthi’s books in the gift shop.  She is author & illustrator of two children’s book series. The Doll Cat series and The Tales of Tiggy & Tobias series.

Six years earlier she displayed her popular piece, the Salty Curl in the 2011 NC Art of the State exhibit.  In 2012, Shanthi received prestigious recognition for her piece Mind Takes Flight, an artistic depiction of the Roger Sperry Theory of Split-brain Lateralization. Her painting won popular vote by students and professors in the Psychology department at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where it is now displayed. In 2011, at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Shanthi earned her bachelors degree in Accounting.

Shanthi uses her creativity and analytical skills working at Canvas Giclee Printing, a print reproduction company that provides printing services to professional artists and photographers as well as art lovers looking for art to purchase. Shanthi has many prints displayed at the studio gallery located at 1328 North Lake Park Blvd Suite 110, Carolina Beach, NC 28428.


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